Greetings from The April Fool Bakery!

We are an artist-run bakery delivery company in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We deliver fresh, honest, ever-so-tasty baked goods to individuals, organizations and businesses throughout the Twin Cities Metro area. We will deliver single batches (or more) of anything we make, directly to you, door-to-door.

How does The April Fool Work?
You can read more about this on our How to Order page, but here’s the 10-second version:

You can…
…place advance orders any time.
…spontaneously order when we post the day’s specials here and on our Facebook page.
…have us ship your order outside the Twin Cities Metro area.

We invite you to have a look around! Browse our gallery, learn about what we do and who we are, and visit our Facebook page to read about what our friends and customers are saying.

Looking forward to baking for you,
Mark and Kim


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