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Park Bugle Feature

Musicians find bakery business blends well with singing careers – by Alex Lodner, July 28, 2014

Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

Startups thriving in shared kitchens – by Nick Halter, April 18, 2014
An article about commercial kitchens in Minneapolis and St. Paul, featuring GIA Kitchen, where the April Fool Bakery works. Fun info about the kitchen and its other startups, its owner Sarah Couenhoven, and photos too!

Father’s Day Week Special!

Order one item from our list of Father’s Day Features below and get 25% off each additional item you order from the list!*

Place your order by 12:00 Noon on Thursday, June 12, 2014 (CST) to get in on the deal.
We’ll deliver your order anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro area** from 6pm on Thursday, June 12 to 6pm on Sunday, June 16 (Father’s Day). You can place your order by using our contact form, sending us an email, or sending us a message on Facebook.

(prices include delivery in the Twin Cities Metro area)
Brownies (9”x13” pan cut to 20 pieces) regular price: $20
Cookies (1 dozen) regular price: $15
Flourless Chocolate Cake – Curly (8 oz chocolate + 1 cup cocoa, 10″ diameter) reg price: $25
Flourless Chocolate Cake – Larry (16 oz chocolate, 9″) reg price: $30
Flourless Chocolate Cake – Moe (26 oz chocolate, 10″) reg price: $35
Flourless Chocolate Cake – Shemp (Chocolate Almond Torta, 10″) reg price: $35
Kentucky Bourbon Cake (10” tube pan) regular price: $30
Lemon Bars (9”x13” pan cut to 20 pieces) regular price: $20
Mango Bars (9”x13” pan cut to 20 pieces) regular price: $20
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (9” diameter, 2 layers)
regular prices: simple $35, decorated $40-45
Scones (8 pieces) regular prices: most varieties $15, specialty scones $19-20
Shortbread (12 pieces) regular price: $15

*Discounts apply to the lowest priced items on your order. These discounts cannot be combined with regular additional-item discounts.

**For deliveries outside the Metro Area, mileage or shipping rates may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Open House!

Today, Tuesday, 4/1, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at The Coffee Grounds, just north of Hoyt on Hamline. Come say hello, buy some wine, and try some treats. We would love to see you.

The Coffee Grounds
(now in the process of becoming The Underground Music Cafe)
1579 Hamline Ave N, St. Paul, 55108

Strawberry Cream Scones

Good morning, friends. Anybody need strawberry cream scones? We have 2 unclaimed batches from last night’s baking adventure. Kim will be making deliveries from 2pm-8pm today. If you’re interested in giving one (or both) of them a home, send her an email at before 6pm. $15/batch or both batches for $25.

Scone of the Month Club

What you get: a fresh batch of scones every month. You can request a flavor*, or let us surprise you (browse our photo gallery for some of our favorites)! Either way, you get eight scones (that freeze and reheat beautifully, by the way) a month, and we get to keep the lights on. Everybody wins. 12 months of this madness will set you back $180. For 6 months, well, you know. Half that.

Added bonus: Once you’ve signed up, if you wanted to share all this wonderfulness with a friend, you can knock $5 off each delivery. That makes a gift membership $120, or $60 for half the year.

Interested? Get in touch with us through our contact form, or connect with us on Facebook!

*Certain scone varieties cost us more to make, due to the price and availability of ingredients (like macadamia nuts) or the extra labor and time required to make them (like cinnamon scones, or converting one regular wheel into two wheels of mini-scones). If you request one of these varieties, we’ll be sure to let you know how much more it will cost you, and then we’ll confirm that you agree to the additional amount before we deliver them to you.